Ethical Leadership (3 Hours) Understanding how survival instincts work and their limitations regarding protection, conflict resolution as well as interpersonal & sociatial relations. This eye opening discussion explores how survival skills are often incorrectly used leading to prejudice prejustice and violence. We will discuss how to recognize and use universal values as a baseline for relation building and conflict resolution. 

De-Escalation / Negotiation Skills (3 Hours) Covers How to manage and resolve conflict before things get physical. This dynamic program will give the participant a framework of tactical de-escalation and negotiation skills. The format is easy to remember and use in everyday situations or under stress. This seminar is invaluable for anyone who wants to know what to do when someone is getting upset and will not comply.   

Risk ldentification, Assessment & Management (3 Hours) Learn how to identify, assess and manage risk. Understand the principles of conflict resolution and how to more effectively deal with cultural differences and concepts to reduce post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 


Assault Prevention / Conflict Resolution Intro (1 to 3 Hours) This program is similar to our Her Survival Guide class only from a non-gender specific basis. It will cover the basics of assault prevention and conflict resolution, giving the participant functional empowerment skills. The course goes over the 6 A's of Safety, verbal and non-verbal skills, correct mindset and attitude. We can also cover some basic physical defense tactics by using an "imaginary attacker" rather than hitting pads or a mock mugger. This will allow us to teach basic self defense to a wider variety of crowds in small or large venues such as meeting rooms or auditoriums. It also eliminates the risk of intimidation and injury.

*This program is not intended to replace smaller force on force self defense programs.

*Lectures utilize multi-media, are interactive and tailored to the audience. Time for most programs can be adjusted from 1 – 3 hours. Recommend lengths are labeled with the titles.